• List of projects I’m involved in.
  • List of current and past students with whom I worked.

For an updated list of publications, please check my Google Scholar profile.

My research focuses on Computer Vision and Deep Learning applied to various domains, from biomedical to aerial imaging. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested on any of these topics.


Deep Learning-based Digital Twin of Manufacturing Systems

Open PhD Position. We’re looking for a PhD student in Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Digital Twin Generation of Manufacturing Systems. This scholarship is with the U. Lisbon and U. Grenoble Alpes. Get in touch if you’re interested!

Funding Entity UNITE!
Research Labs LASIGE, FCUL and INP, University Grenoble Alpes
PI and Co-PI Nuno Garcia and Pierre David

Deep Multimodal Learning for Breast Cancer Detection

We are developing self-supervised methods for imaging tasks related breast cancer, using 2D and 3D data, and several modalities such as synthetic data, tomosynthesis, mammography, and ultrasound.

Funding Entity FCT (EXPL/CCICOM/ 0656/2021)
Period 13/01/2022 - 31/12/2023
Research Labs LASIGE and IBEB
PI and Co-PI Nuno Garcia and Nuno Matela

THOR - Computer Assisted Thoracic Assessment using POCUS

Working mainly on Point-of-Care Ultrasound assisted navigation and diagnosis.

Funding Entity FCT
Period 01/03/2021 - 29/2/2024
Research Labs INESCTEC and IBEB
PI and Co-PI Miguel Coimbra and Hugo Ferreira

AIpALS - Advanced LearnIng Models using Patient Profiles and Disease Progression Patterns for Prognostic Prediction in ALS

Studying disease progression using recurrent neural networks.

Funding Entity FCT
Period 01/03/2021 - 29/2/2024
Research Labs LASIGE, AICOS/Fraunhofer and IMM/FM/ULisboa
PI Sara Madeira

PAIR-LUNG – Patient-derived lung cancer organoids for recreating tumor spread through AIR spaces phenomena.

Developing deep learning methods using confocal images and histological sections.

Funding Entity FCT
Period 2023 - 2024
Research Labs Centre for Toxicogenomics and Human Health, Nova Medical School
PI Bárbara Mendes

COST Distributed Knowledge Graphs

Our Action is centred around the topic of Distributed Knowledge Graphs, i.e., Knowledge Graphs that are published in a decentralised fashion, thus forming a distributed system.


Aerial Imaging

Developing deep learning methods for vineyard monitoring, namely plant and gap detection, using multispectral images acquired by drones.

Partners Beyond Vision, João Carvalho (U. Lusófona), Rodrigo Ferreira (FCUL)


Developing deep learning methods for a multimodal biometrics system to be implemented in a kiosk service product.

Partners Innovation Makers




  1. José Domingues, “Vision-Language Deep Learning for Explainable Medical Imaging Diagnosis”
    FCUL, Supervisor. Co-supervisor: Nuno Matela.
  2. Duarte Saraiva, “Development of an artificial intelligence-based assisted navigation and diagnosis solution for pulmonary point-of-care ultrasound”
    FCUL, Co-supervisor. Supervisor: Hugo Ferreira.
  3. João Mendes, “Breast Cancer Risk Prediction: Combining multiple imaging modalities in Convolutional Neural Networks”
    FCUL, Co-supervisor. Supervisor: Nuno Matela.
  4. Jéssica Catarino, “Improving Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Self-Supervised Learning Techniques in Medical Imaging”
    FCUL, Co-supervisor. Supervisor: Sara Silva.


  1. Hugo Figueiras, “Contrastive Learning Methods for Breast Cancer Detection”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Helena Aidos.
  2. Filipe Sousa, “Development and optimization of AI algorithms for the categorization of small texts from social media data related to disasters”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with INOV - INESC Inovação.
  3. Rodrigo Ferreira, “Vineyards monitoring using convolutional neural networks with multispectral images”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with João Carvalho (U. Lusófona and Beyond Vision).
  4. Romana Esteves, “Image Analysis for Quantification of PD-L1 Expression in Lung Cancer”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Sofia Teixeira and Mário Maia-Matos.
  5. Miguel Nunes, “Classification and Authentication Models for Biometric Recognition in Self Service Equipment”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Innovation Makers.
  6. Gonçalo Falcão, “Detecting the irregular early signs of forest fires through deep learning” at IST, with Helena Aidos and Pedro Tomás
    IST, Co-supervising with Pedro Tomás and Helena Aidos.
  7. Rodrigo Pinto, with Helena Aidos and Pedro Tomás, “Semi-Supervised Brain Lesion Segmentation: A Deep Learning Approach”
    IST, Co-supervising with Pedro Tomás and Helena Aidos.
  8. João Santos, “Deep learning for automatic longitudinal prediction of Drusen expansion”
    FCUL, co-supervising with Nuno Matela.



  1. José Domingues, “Adversarial Representation Learning for Medical Imaging”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Helena Aidos.
  2. Lucas Silva, “Deep learning for predicting disease progression of clinical endpoints in ALS”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Sara Madeira.
  3. João Guerreiro, “Super-Resolution of Biomedical Images with Generative Adversarial Networks and posterior Tumor Segmentation”
    IST, Co-supervising with Pedro Tomás and Helena Aidos.
  4. Miguel Neves, “Tackling class imbalance in medical imaging via conditional generation”
    IST, Co-supervising with Pedro Tomás and Helena Aidos.
  5. Miguel Gonçalves, “Automatic detection of forest fires: a deep learning approach”
    IST, Co-supervising with Pedro Tomás and Helena Aidos.
  6. Pedro Domingues, “Prognostic prediction models using Self-Attention for ICU patients developing acute kidney injury”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Sara Madeira.
  7. Diogo Lopes, “Registration platform for federations and gymnastics clubs”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Acro Companion.
  8. Pedro Martins, “Human Resource Management Aid Tool”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with InnoWave.
  9. Paulo Henriques, “Desenvolvimento de um sistema de analíticas e monitorização para uma aplicação multi-tenant SaaS”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with CreateIT.
  10. Gustavo Morais, “Clustering with Generative Deep Learning Models”
    IST, Co-supervising with Pedro Tomás and Helena Aidos.
  11. Mariana Costa, “Plataforma de Apoio a Profissionais de Desporto e Nutrição”
    FCUL, Co-supervising with Xpand Solutions.

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